Denver Hunt Details

Here’s the area and the addresses of where you should be and when:

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Denver Hunt is Happening!

The hunt is almost here and for many of you it will likely be the most memorable weekend of 2011. There are 30 people committed with 8 people flying in from out of town specifically for the event. Impressive.

Some details for you all leading into the weekend. The hunt will begin at Jacob Licht’s home. We’ll all meet there at 2pm sharp. At this point, all beers will have been hidden, teams will be finalized, we’ll exchange clues and be on our way. Jacob’s address is 3358 W 30th Ave, Denver CO.

If you are looking to help out with the hunt, we could use a few more people to hide beers. Email me if you think you’ll have time.

One last point. This works best if you have a team of 4 or 5 people. If you’re only one person or 2, start thinking about who you’d want on your team. If you don’t know anyone, that’s fine, i’ll match you up. It always works out perfectly (i’m serious).

That’s all. I’m excited. Email me (mplewis at gmail) with any questions, otherwise i’ll see you Saturday at 2pm at Jacob’s.

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Sept. 27: Boston Scavenger Hunt

It had a been a long time but finally there was a Boston Hunt.  For years we’ve had the people, the desire but lacked the spark to have a hunt.  This year it finally occured and although it was the first time we’ve endured rain, the hunt went spendidly.

Numbe of Teams: 6

Best Hiding Spot: the 3rd floor bathroom of the Harvard Library

Click here for more hunt photos

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Oct 6: Capital Hill, Washington DC

We had a great hunt this weekend. In fact, it was the biggest turnout I’ve ever seen for a hunt. It clocked in at over 55 people!

  • Number of teams: 11
  • Best clue: “In the Church courtyard, the sack you’ll see next to the erect pipe is not the testicles of a priest but rather the container of some lovely spirits.”
  • Boundary:
    • West: 4th st. NW
    • South: D st. SE
    • East: 8th to Lincoln then 10th NE
    • North: Maryland Ave.

Had a bunch of teams attend, such as:

  1. MapTeam Mckendry: Mairead brought two 6′7″ dudes who were truly able to pimp out their hiding spots
  2. Team Davidson: Bryan Hozack + team. As usual Bryan was incredibly prepared and crushed the hunt.
  3. Team Newbies: Chloe Lewis, Meggy and Roy. They actually joined Team Pug for a super team. For newbies, they were great.
  4. Team Home Field Advantage: Erika, ScottyJ, Krug, Hercey. Great performance by the veterans.
  5. The Favorites. Team Just Graduated: Justin + GW team. All hype. For such a small team, they were pretty slow and put in rookie hiding spots. There’s always this spring.
  6. Team NY: Jules, Taco, Abbey. They joined with Team Pug for also. They get the MVP though for making the trip
  7. Team DJ Afterwards: Tiger, Daniel T, and Tom. They were rockstars because, well, they are rockstars.
  8. Team Pug: Danny, Percey and MPL (and eventually Samol and Shwabe). Any team with a dog gets huge bonus points.
  9. Team Loyola: Julia Turner Team (Julia and Molly). They get major points for just showing up. Although i think they were a bit in awe of the whole experience.
  10. Team Ohio State: Jenny led the charge to the most enthusiastic team i’ve seen
  11. Team No-Show: Molly Hill, Noah, Todd S., and Sara Pescatello. They get no points

The hunt’s best clue was:

Capital Hill proved to one of the best locations in DC for a hunt. I was residential but also had some good stores and lots of spots for hanging out with a 12-pack.

Any ideas for where the hunt this spring should be?

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May 5: Adams Morgan Hunt


We had a great hunt this past weekend in Adams Morgan. We had 40 people and good weather it was a great event for everyone. For the first time in 12 hunts, there was a small run-in with the police (everything turned out fine) and a few people had beer thrown at them by 10 year olds. The map for the hunt was this:

  • area.png

    Number of teams: 8

  • Best hiding spot: right next to the cop station on 17th street which led to the comment, “Arrgh, they’re leading me into the maw of the law”
  • Boundary: Adams Morgan
    • North: Calvert & Euclid
    • East: 16th st.
    • South: U st.
    • West: 20th st.

The teams (click links for pics):

Check out some more pics after the jump

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Nov 11th: Georgetown Hunt

There was a hunt in Georgetown in Washington DC this weekend. It was a great weekend as the weather was around 75 degrees.


The details were:

  • Teams: 8
  • Boundary:
    • East: Wisconsin Ave.
    • South: M. St
    • West: Georgetown University
    • North: Reservoir St.
  • Best Hiding Spot: In a cabinet in the common room on the 9th floor of a freshman dorm


Pictures can be seen here and one hunter wrote a summary of her afternoon on her blog here.

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July 16: Wine Scavenger Hunt (Minneapolis, MN)

Two adventurous souls, Mckenzie and Liz Lewis, decided to do a sibling wine scavenger hunt.  This is exactly like the beer scavenger hunt except each stop had 1 bottle of wine and there were (obviously) only 2 players.  Here are some details provided by Liz:

I had just flown in for a last minute weekend with my oldest brother McKenzie, and our parents at my childhood home of Edina, MN. McKenzie picked me up at the airport, and we began the 15 minute drive to the house, when he detoured to a neighborhood liquor store. Now, this is not an unusual stop for us, however I was taken aback at the instructions to “go buy two bottles of wine”. Why wine? Why just two bottles? Was there no wine at the house? (an impossibility, given my mother). As the younger sibling, though, it is not my job to ask questions, so I dutifully selected and purchases two bottles of red wine alongside my brother, as he did the same thing.

We arrived at the house and I was told ‘Go hide”. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I now understood! My brother was taking me up on a joke I had made many months previous: “Dude, we should like, hide wine around the house and then act surprised when we find it”. McKenzie had orchestrated the first ever Wine Scavenger Hunt, the lesser know offshoot to the Beer Scavenger Hunt. So, off we went to hide the four bottles of wine around the house. We hid them in such cleaver locations as “On top of the kitchen table” or “On the living room couch”. 

Now, as many of you know, the beer scavenger hunt can beat you – it can send you home at 8pm like a college freshmen on his first night in the dorms. The Wine Scavenger Hunt can also beat you, but in slightly different ways. When two people sit down to finish off four bottles of red wine, it leads to lots of late night pontificating about the awesomeness of South Park, chicken pot pie, and TiVO, comments like “have your eyes ALWAYS been that color?”, two people getting lost in the house that they grew up in, red wine stains on carpet, and repeated slurring of, “I love you, man. No, really. No. REALLY” Good work, McKenzie. Good work indeed. I love you man.  No, really.

  1. Date of hunt: July 2006
  2. Number of hiding spots:  4, maybe 5.  (bear in mind there were only 2 official players)
  3. Best hiding spot: the gazebo. The wine cellar became off limits for this game, that would have added too much to the game.
  4. best clue:  no clues, just intuition
According to Mckenzie:
this was the first truly exclusive SH in that no one was allowed to be in the same room as where the finds were drunk except those drinking.  This prompted Dad to break down and grab a glass so that he could be allowed in the room with me, mom, and liz

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June: Italy’s Wine Scavenger Hunt

A wine scavenger hunt broke out in Chianti, Italy during the summer of 2006. There were 10 players and 3 teams.

3 teams:

  • Team 1: Mckenzie Lewis, Kat Fogg, Manuala dal Borgo
  • Team 2: Jeff Marsala, Jenny Zorn, Alana Bolen, Matt Thompson
  • Team 3: Aaron Chapnick, Kevin Wohlgemuth, Jim Harding

Pictures have been removed from facebook unfortunately

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May 21: Central Park Hunt (New York, NY)

A good group got together in Central Park this spring to do a hunt on the upper part of the park. The hunt coincided with the release of The Di Vinci Code movie and so many clues and hints were themed as such. Also, many people traveled for this hunt including Tedric (Santa Fe), Gum and J.J. (Minneapolis), and Liz, Bonner and me (DC).

  • Boundary: Central Park West, Central Park East, 86th (North), 79th St. (South)
  • Number of teams: 5 teams
  • Best Hiding Spot: One clue involved a cipher which had to be opened and then revealed the actual location. The clue was figuring out the word that would open the cipher

After the hunt, we all met at Brother Jimmy’s and then ventured from there downtown for some more festivities. All in all, a good hunt. Pictures from the hunt are here.

More details are after the jump…..

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April 27: Davidson Hunt (Davidson, NC)

After many failed attempts at bringing the skeptical Davidsonians together for a Hunt, we finally set the date for the Thursday of Senior Week. The boundaries were set and the teams were locked. It was tough coming up with eight names that could be related to one another, but we ended up settling on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other characters from the show – we weren’t messing around. No one knew how it was going to turn out. Despite BH’s numerous reiterations of the Hunt’s awesomeness, there were many doubters.

It started out rough, and we were losing sunlight. Little did we know that the receding sun would bring forth increased aggressiveness of the participants. Hiding places ranged from the inside of a car in the Baker parking lot to the base of the enormous girl statues by the IMAC Fields to a freshman dorm room, which could not be entered until a password was spoken. One team had the misfortune of being assigned a Smirnoff Ice assortment, Guinness, and Milwaukee’s Best Ice (which would end up being consumed in an unlit part of the graveyard). But in the spirit of all Beer Scavenger Hunts, this booze was consumed without the assistance of several late-comers who had heard about the truth of BH’s description of the Hunt’s awesomeness I referred to earlier. In the end, despite a run-in with Bike Cop, and the unfortunate imprisonment of a participant (his legal problems had nothing to do with any Hunt involvement, I promise) nothing could take away the, yes, awesomeness from the First Annual Davidson Beer Scavenger Hunt.

  • Teams: 8
  • Boundary:
    • Designated zones ensured an even distribution of beer across campus.
    • beer-scavenger-hunt-map.GIF
    • Best Hiding Spot: In the Davidson Graveyard – the clue was a CD which, when inserted into the provided CD player, played Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” repeatedly.
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