May 3, 2003: West Villiage Hunt

A group of cosmo-hunters got together in the West Village of NY to embark on what would be an epic all-day hunt.  It was a warm clear day and everyone was pretty pumped.  As usual there were a few newbies who straggled in late and forgot to buy and hide beer (Abbate’s team) and others who brought passion and hiding intellect that is rarely seen (Team Brooklyn).

  • Boundary: 9th St. (South), 14th St. (North), Wash Sq. Park (East), The Hudson (West)
  • Number of teams: 5
  • Best hiding spot: One clue involved finding out who the oldest female poet of NY was and then finding her birth spot.  The runner up entailed breaking into the NYU law school library (those security guards are much cooler than you think)

All in all it was a great hunt.  The one thing that was unique about this hunt is that the party afterwards was OFF THE HOOK.  This is mostly because somebody brought a funnel and decided we should each take turns doing one more beer.  While that was going down, someone (Ravi) would pour vodka into the funnel while people were drinking.  Nobody figured this out until the next day but it resulted in some serious raging and the destruction of Tortilla Flats.

There are some more photos and team lineups after the jump:

Actual lineups were:

  1. Team Worst Team Ever: Abbate, his girlfriend, and her lame friends.  From what i could tell, they pretty much soiled in every aspect.  Their picture is to the right. I don’t think Abbate ever saw that girl again (i think 4% body fat was too much for him).
  2. Team Brooklyn: Meghan Meehan, Ellen, Jen Guerra and me.
  3. Team Random: Which was Jules, Tom Jenkins, Taco, and some girl named Shannon.  They put in a very solid performance.
  4. Team Bangu: Ravi, Ryan, Gene and others.  They not only did it up right but they also were responsible for the vodka in the beer bong and keeping the party going all night.
  5. The stragglers: Elise, Meghan Demark, and Erin Rafferty were somehow involved although i think they only participated in the drinking and none of the hiding.
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