May 5: Adams Morgan Hunt


We had a great hunt this past weekend in Adams Morgan. We had 40 people and good weather it was a great event for everyone. For the first time in 12 hunts, there was a small run-in with the police (everything turned out fine) and a few people had beer thrown at them by 10 year olds. The map for the hunt was this:

  • area.png

    Number of teams: 8

  • Best hiding spot: right next to the cop station on 17th street which led to the comment, “Arrgh, they’re leading me into the maw of the law”
  • Boundary: Adams Morgan
    • North: Calvert & Euclid
    • East: 16th st.
    • South: U st.
    • West: 20th st.

The teams (click links for pics):

Check out some more pics after the jump

This was a good hiding spot in France at the corner of 18th and Vermon. The clue was – go to the prohibition amendment and Washington’s mountain.

Another good thing about this hunt was that every time hid their beers and had their clues ready on time. It was the first time this has ever happened in a hunt before. Everyone was really on their game. Below is a picture of Matt and his little cousin (from Tufts) working on thier clues


Check out the entire set of pictures HERE

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  1. louie says:

    MVP of the hunt (in my opinion) was Jonas who came down from Philly, did the hunt, then caught a 10pm train back to philly and worked a 36 hour shift at the hospital from sunday – monday. That’s dedication!

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