June: Italy’s Wine Scavenger Hunt

A wine scavenger hunt broke out in Chianti, Italy during the summer of 2006. There were 10 players and 3 teams.

3 teams:

  • Team 1: Mckenzie Lewis, Kat Fogg, Manuala dal Borgo
  • Team 2: Jeff Marsala, Jenny Zorn, Alana Bolen, Matt Thompson
  • Team 3: Aaron Chapnick, Kevin Wohlgemuth, Jim Harding

Pictures have been removed from facebook unfortunately

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One Response to June: Italy’s Wine Scavenger Hunt

  1. Kevin Wohlgemuth says:

    Hey this is Kevin, I was McKenzie’s roommate in Radda and a participant in the first (and second) annual Radda, Italy wine scavenger hunt. Just wanted to let you know that the teams are a little mixed up.

    Team 1: McKenzie, Kat, Manuela, Jim
    Team 2: Jeff, Alana, Matt
    Team 3: Aaron, Kevin, Jenny

    Let me know if you want pics, too…and pics and such from the second year.

    Keep up the good work.

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