Denver Hunt is Happening!

The hunt is almost here and for many of you it will likely be the most memorable weekend of 2011. There are 30 people committed with 8 people flying in from out of town specifically for the event. Impressive.

Some details for you all leading into the weekend. The hunt will begin at Jacob Licht’s home. We’ll all meet there at 2pm sharp. At this point, all beers will have been hidden, teams will be finalized, we’ll exchange clues and be on our way. Jacob’s address is 3358 W 30th Ave, Denver CO.

If you are looking to help out with the hunt, we could use a few more people to hide beers. Email me if you think you’ll have time.

One last point. This works best if you have a team of 4 or 5 people. If you’re only one person or 2, start thinking about who you’d want on your team. If you don’t know anyone, that’s fine, i’ll match you up. It always works out perfectly (i’m serious).

That’s all. I’m excited. Email me (mplewis at gmail) with any questions, otherwise i’ll see you Saturday at 2pm at Jacob’s.

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One Response to Denver Hunt is Happening!

  1. Rob Delwo says:

    Bummed I can’t make it this weekend. I’m moving into our new place on Chatauqua….

    Have fun!

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