July 16: Wine Scavenger Hunt (Minneapolis, MN)

Two adventurous souls, Mckenzie and Liz Lewis, decided to do a sibling wine scavenger hunt.  This is exactly like the beer scavenger hunt except each stop had 1 bottle of wine and there were (obviously) only 2 players.  Here are some details provided by Liz:

I had just flown in for a last minute weekend with my oldest brother McKenzie, and our parents at my childhood home of Edina, MN. McKenzie picked me up at the airport, and we began the 15 minute drive to the house, when he detoured to a neighborhood liquor store. Now, this is not an unusual stop for us, however I was taken aback at the instructions to “go buy two bottles of wine”. Why wine? Why just two bottles? Was there no wine at the house? (an impossibility, given my mother). As the younger sibling, though, it is not my job to ask questions, so I dutifully selected and purchases two bottles of red wine alongside my brother, as he did the same thing.

We arrived at the house and I was told ‘Go hide”. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I now understood! My brother was taking me up on a joke I had made many months previous: “Dude, we should like, hide wine around the house and then act surprised when we find it”. McKenzie had orchestrated the first ever Wine Scavenger Hunt, the lesser know offshoot to the Beer Scavenger Hunt. So, off we went to hide the four bottles of wine around the house. We hid them in such cleaver locations as “On top of the kitchen table” or “On the living room couch”. 

Now, as many of you know, the beer scavenger hunt can beat you – it can send you home at 8pm like a college freshmen on his first night in the dorms. The Wine Scavenger Hunt can also beat you, but in slightly different ways. When two people sit down to finish off four bottles of red wine, it leads to lots of late night pontificating about the awesomeness of South Park, chicken pot pie, and TiVO, comments like “have your eyes ALWAYS been that color?”, two people getting lost in the house that they grew up in, red wine stains on carpet, and repeated slurring of, “I love you, man. No, really. No. REALLY” Good work, McKenzie. Good work indeed. I love you man.  No, really.

  1. Date of hunt: July 2006
  2. Number of hiding spots:  4, maybe 5.  (bear in mind there were only 2 official players)
  3. Best hiding spot: the gazebo. The wine cellar became off limits for this game, that would have added too much to the game.
  4. best clue:  no clues, just intuition
According to Mckenzie:
this was the first truly exclusive SH in that no one was allowed to be in the same room as where the finds were drunk except those drinking.  This prompted Dad to break down and grab a glass so that he could be allowed in the room with me, mom, and liz

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