May 21: Central Park Hunt (New York, NY)

A good group got together in Central Park this spring to do a hunt on the upper part of the park. The hunt coincided with the release of The Di Vinci Code movie and so many clues and hints were themed as such. Also, many people traveled for this hunt including Tedric (Santa Fe), Gum and J.J. (Minneapolis), and Liz, Bonner and me (DC).

  • Boundary: Central Park West, Central Park East, 86th (North), 79th St. (South)
  • Number of teams: 5 teams
  • Best Hiding Spot: One clue involved a cipher which had to be opened and then revealed the actual location. The clue was figuring out the word that would open the cipher

After the hunt, we all met at Brother Jimmy’s and then ventured from there downtown for some more festivities. All in all, a good hunt. Pictures from the hunt are here.

More details are after the jump…..

My team was Josh Weiner, Sarah Blanton and her roommate Karen. I had never met Karen before and although i had 3 first-timers, we put in a solid performance all around.

But we did have help. Half-way through the event, we were joined by my Minnesota friends who were in town for the weekend. Joining us were Gum, Jenny Nevin and JJ Smith. This picture of our team is butchered by Nevin b/c she still hasn’t figured out that the lens on the front of the camera needs to be clear. Hopefully she’ll learn soon so the next hunt isn’t kiboshed too.

Another cool thing that happened was there was an old-school 1950’s baseball game going on in the park. The players were wearing authentic uniforms and the fans were dressed up also. It was very cool.

The Actual Lineups Were:

  1. Erin Malone, Moose, and Rebecca who were the fastest finishers and the meanest text-messagers. There was fury. Granted they drank way more than everyone else.
  2. Meghan, Ellen and Patrick were another threesome, but they were coming from Brooklyn so they could handle it. At least i thought so until i found out that Patrick doesn’t drink beer. I don’t actually remember what happened to them although there are some pictures of them actually drinking (see above). Funny how the aftermath works out.
  3. Jules, Abbie, Agata and Emily. I really didn’t see them at all but i do know they were there.
  4. Matt Lewis, Tedric, Matt S., and Bonner were a great team, full of energy and passion. Tedric’s purchase of a cypher was the highlight.
  5. Mairead, Martha, Tim, Adam, and Lindsey made a team of FBI agents. I’m not sure i can say this but they added a whole new element to the game. MVP goes to Lindsey for showing up and truly being a team player. In all honesty, this was the best first-time team i have ever seen. They were excited and put downs beers with skill and composure. I look forward to hunting with them again.
  6. Sarah B, Karen, Josh, Gum, me (briefly JJ and Nevin)
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