April 27: Davidson Hunt (Davidson, NC)

After many failed attempts at bringing the skeptical Davidsonians together for a Hunt, we finally set the date for the Thursday of Senior Week. The boundaries were set and the teams were locked. It was tough coming up with eight names that could be related to one another, but we ended up settling on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other characters from the show – we weren’t messing around. No one knew how it was going to turn out. Despite BH’s numerous reiterations of the Hunt’s awesomeness, there were many doubters.

It started out rough, and we were losing sunlight. Little did we know that the receding sun would bring forth increased aggressiveness of the participants. Hiding places ranged from the inside of a car in the Baker parking lot to the base of the enormous girl statues by the IMAC Fields to a freshman dorm room, which could not be entered until a password was spoken. One team had the misfortune of being assigned a Smirnoff Ice assortment, Guinness, and Milwaukee’s Best Ice (which would end up being consumed in an unlit part of the graveyard). But in the spirit of all Beer Scavenger Hunts, this booze was consumed without the assistance of several late-comers who had heard about the truth of BH’s description of the Hunt’s awesomeness I referred to earlier. In the end, despite a run-in with Bike Cop, and the unfortunate imprisonment of a participant (his legal problems had nothing to do with any Hunt involvement, I promise) nothing could take away the, yes, awesomeness from the First Annual Davidson Beer Scavenger Hunt.

  • Teams: 8
  • Boundary:
    • Designated zones ensured an even distribution of beer across campus.
    • beer-scavenger-hunt-map.GIF
    • Best Hiding Spot: In the Davidson Graveyard – the clue was a CD which, when inserted into the provided CD player, played Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” repeatedly.
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