Hunt Rules

Putting on your own beer scavenger hunt is very easy. There are a few simple rules. They are:

  • Teams of 4 people where at least 1 must be a girl. More women are definitely allowed but you need to have at least 1
  • A hunting area is defined. It should be roughly 1-2 miles square (i have found this to be best)


  • Each team hides three 12 packs of beer. Any type of beer is acceptable and various alcoholic beverages can be used (cider, Guinness, wine coolers, etc.)
  • There should be a clue written for each twelve pack. It is preferred the clue is witty or at least challenging.
  • Each clue should be put into an envelope and sealed
  • A fourth envelope should hold the answers to all 3 clues. Each team should try to go the entire game without opening this fourth envelope
  • All teams should begin hiding the morning of the hunt. Any and all places within the boundary are acceptable.
  • All teams meet at a central location to begin. Each team should exchange their clues with another team and then go hunting.


  • Once you receive your clues, you open up a clue, figure it out (hopefully) and then find the brew.
  • When you find the beer. You cannot begin searching for the other 12-packs until the found pack is gone. Some people have been known to bring music to listen to during this hang-out time
  • You must consume your beverage where you find it (or close by if it looks dangerous)
  • When all 3 locations have been found and the beer has been consumed, all teams should meet at a post-hunt location. A bbq is recommended and more beer is usually needed.
  • Technically, the team that finishes first is the winner, but remember and this is very important: everyone’s a winner in the beer scavenger hunt.